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Unlock iPhone by applying mask .New update


Apple has released an update to IOS 13.5. Apple CEO Tim Cook himself has provided information about the new features provided in this version. Actually, this is very important update for iPhone users around the world.

There are three major features in this update. These three features have been given in view of the outbreak Corona. After this update, iPhone users with Face ID will not have trouble opening the phone by applying the mask.

Face ID in the phone will detect your mask. Once the mask is detected, swipe up choice will come in the phone. You can unlock the phone by swiping up and enter the password.

Until that time, Face ID could not recognize the mask, because that it used a long time to take to unlock the phone because of the many encounters.

iOS 13.5 also has an exposure notification API developed by Apple and Google. This means you can create an app with the public health authorities use that sends notifications when a COVID-19 positive user come into contact.

However, it is written in the vicinity of the exposure notification feature that is currently in your region does not support, that is in nepal. It is possible that it was kept active until it created an app with this API in your phone.

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