How to Recover Android Data After Factory Reset?


There are many times when the factory reset their android smartphone. Most of them do so when their memory will be full, the device becomes slow because of many applications, there are some problems related to malware with the phone, or when the person selling or giving it to someone.

Reprocessing plant designed to be like that every time the user performs a reset, any data and settings will be erased from someone’s cell phone, which took the phone back to the same state it was when it left the factory, so it give existence to the term ‘factory’ birthday.

How to Do a Factory Reset?

To perform a reset, all one needs to do is go to the Settings section of their Android smartphone. From there, go to the system settings, where you will find the advanced options. In this section, is the so-called reset option, you must choose so to do a factory reset. Remember, always back up your important data such as contacts, music and other things you find important before performing a factory reset.

Is Restored After Factory Data Reset?

Yes, it should be noted that the data of Android is not restored even after a reset. It is very important, because it may help people who have lost something important, and may be dangerous for those who do a factory reset to protect their data.

There are a variety of tools and software available that you can take your cell phone deleted data. All one needs to do is look for them on the internet, download them and use them to extract deleted data from cell phones. This is indeed a very simple process.

Now the question is, can we still protect our data? The answer is also yes. You can protect your data.

Let’s see how that can be done-

Built-in Encryption Android Devices-

Before the release of their operating system Android 6.0 Marshmallow, Android phones do not come with a default encryption. One needed to put it before performing a factory reset so that their data can not be directly recovered.

Cloud Backup-

Cloud backup is another thing that you need to see. Most phones today sync some important data on Google Drive from where you can restore it on a new device or even an older one plant even after you reset simply by accessing your Google account.

However, there is no guarantee that the Google Drive cloud backup as completely safe. In fact, it’s the opposite of safe. There are many cases of people being hacked cloud storage and their data being stolen, so always remember to keep the data only important on your Google cloud storage.

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