Facebook Launch Shops Feature for Small business Now it’s more easy to do business in Facebook.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced Facebook stores on Tuesday. So traders will be able to list their products on Facebook and Instagram. The company has informed that Facebook stores will be free. So traders will be able to add their products on their Facebook page, Instagram profile or stories.

With the help of Facebook stores in the future, dealers will be able to sell their products through WhatsApp chat, Messenger and Instagram directly. Apart from that, they will also be able to day products during the live streaming on Facebook and Instagram. This allows customers to click on the labels and they will be taken to the product order page.

Previously, the company used to allow merchants to list products on Facebook and Instagram. But with the help of Facebook stores, now they can even upload their catalog. It can be accessed by various applications of Facebook.
Facebook stores are an attempt by Facebook small traders during the Corona epidemic support, and Zuckerberg said that he was personally involved in the development of this function.

George Lee, director of product management at Facebook, said: “Our main goal is to allow small and medium-sized enterprises, online connected and in the current state to survive.”

The company has partnership with Shopify, Woo, BigCommerce, CedCommerce, Cafe24, Channel Advisor, Tienda Nube and Feedonomics duties to the platform.

These new business function will be launched soon in other markets such as Asia.

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