Don’t be hacked. Secure Your Wifi Connection


It is very important to ensure that the wifi network at home leftovers guaranteed. There are a few simple and easy steps you can take to make your wifi safe and secure.

Open Router Setup page-

Go to your web browser and type “” so to access it. From there, enter the appropriate username and password in the designated box and press enter. You can find the username and password in the user manual of your router. Some routers also have a manual that is available on Google.

Create Unique Password-

Creating a new password, unique and personal for your router that no one can guess. Do not store the default password for a generic or your wifi router. Also change your password every few months.

Change the Network SSID name was

Change the name of your SSID NETWORK will help because it will help others to know that it is not the default network, and that it might be safe. Do not store your family’s name, phone number or home address as your SSID name.

Encryption- network

It is an important task. There are many encryption out there. In the latest router, WPA2 is the most secure, and WEP is most secure. Select the appropriate encryption.

PC Mac address filtering

Mac address is the address of the network equipment inbuilt in your device. It is similar to an IP address, except that it can not be changed. For more protection, you can add the Mac address of all devices to your wifi network. To do that, find the Mac address of your device. On a PC, use the command prompt and type “ipconfig / all”. You will notice your Mac address of the name ‘Physical Address’. On your phone, you will find your Mac address under network settings. Simply add this Mac address for this router wifi administrative arrangements. Now only these devices will be able to access your wifi.

Wifi Software Upgrade You

It is also important because with the new update, you also get new security updates for your router. Checking the current firmware version by visiting “” and examine the administrative arrangements or dashboard.

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